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Storecasting: Fossil Discovered in Midtown

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Only a few storefronts down from the as-yet-unopened Kira Plastinina Midtown sits an utterly gutted building which will become the flagship boutique for Fossil Accessories.

According to the Fossil website, the store at 38 West 34th Street will ideally open this summer, but as you can see the zone is still very much a hard hat area. This will be Fossil's second Manhattan store after the one at Fifth Ave and 44th Street, carrying all of their lines inspired by vintage Americana. Yep, this will not be another watch store; their very Coachesque sunglasses, handbags, jewelry and other small leather goods are quite a cushy source of income for Fossil and will totally attract tourists for a few more NY souvenirs they could have probably bought at home.
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