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Above the Fray: Zara Sale is Some Crazy Shiz

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During World War II, the arrival of a rare shipment of nylons would be greeted with hordes of women longing for the return of glamour cheaply had. The scene at the Zara sale last night could have rivaled this, in both demographic and desperation.

Like the nylons, the prices are ridiculously high: $100 for a silk party frock that we know has been on the rack for awhile and $69.99 for a clearance black blazer?! Even the shoes pictured above started from $29.99, and yet people were grabby and hostile. We've officially been tenderized by hangar jabs.

As it always is with a large sale for men and women, the guys are having all the fun leisurely shopping on their side while watching the occasional frenzied girl strip in the open to save herself from the fitting room line.

Our verdict: wait it out or splurge for one of those energy shots in your Starbucks before heading over. Or know this: H&M has a whole bunch of stuff for between $3 - $20!
· Zara and H&M to Do Battle in Midtown [Racked]

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