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Market Report: Double the Fresh Food for Fidi

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Location of the New Amsterdam Market

Fidi, once a neighborhood that would give an arm or a leg for a good greenmarket, now has two. Of course, this being New York, one is seeking to crush the other. Playing the role of Goliath in this drama is General Growth Properties. The big-time development company has put together an ambitious proposal for redeveloping part of the South Street Seaport waterfront which includes a greenmarket named the Fulton Stalls Market located in a building on Fulton Street (the one currently housing the Bodies exhibit). As David, you have non-profit organization New Amsterdam Market, a group of farmers and gastronomes who want to bring locally-sourced foodstuffs to the neighborhood and hope to use one of the old Fulton Fish Market buildings on the water for that purpose. In GGP's proposal, that building would be razed to make room for a colossal tower. Of course, GGP's plan for the area is still in the proposal stages, and will need government approval to move forward. In the meantime, both markets will be up and running this weekend. Let it be known, though, that only one has the support of both Alice Waters and Mario Batali.
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