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Above The Fray: Everybody Loving the Wang

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Today marks the second day of the Alexander Wang sample sale (continuing through Saturday) at 386 Broadway, where you can score some of the real Wang for the prices of his Uniqlo collection. Popping in last night, we spotted plenty of blousy dresses and cashmere left after the "vips" had their go at it, not to mention tons of shoppers who wisely brought along their main gays stylists for efficient decision making. Prices range from $40 for basics to $200 for some seriously detailed monochromatic dresses kept prim in their plastic sheaths.
Sadly, we didn't spot any famous faces like Fashionista did, but there sure were a lot of very tiny girls stripping down to their best underwear for the occasion. The crowd had come fully prepared for a winner-takes-Wang battle, but seeing that they could shop leisurely in the dwindling evening sun set a pleasant tone for the entire sale. Surprisingly there was no line to check out and they will be restocking daily.

Three big tips to make the Wang sale work for you: 1) Bring cash. Credit card purchases are minimum $200. 2) Leave your best purse at home. The bag check is terrifying; all those gargantuan Chanels and Botkiers means your skanky bag will still be there when you leave. 3) Please don't wear the La Perla underwear you just bought at that sample sale. At least wash it first?!
That said, go get your Wang on!
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