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Above The Fray: Betsey Johnson, Soundgirl

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A dedicated reader reports back from not one, but two sample sales taking place in Midtown. Her review:

Got off work early today! Betsey Johnson's sample sale had a decent selection of styles and sizes (of which i still don't know prices, i didn't see a sign/ticket markings), and a sample/damaged area with tops/bottoms for $15, dresses for $30ish, and so on. The dressing room situation was bleak — a curtain, a tiny changing area and a helper holding a mirror — but perhaps the oddest part was that everyone was wandering around...wearing Betsey Johnson. It seems like the hired a gaggle of young girls to help peddle the dresses, but I had a few too many prom flashbacks and bolted after not finding anything worth purchasing. There were a lot of young girls with their moms; i guess BJ's stigma for being the go-to designer for a high school dance is true.
Soundgirl was OK, decent selection, but the shoe selection was bleak if you're not a size 6. They only had about 20 boxes of larger sizes, and most were 7, 7 1/2 and 8. Size 6 samples were $40, boxes were $60.
If you want to hit Betsey, go soon as it ends tonight; the Soundgirl sale is on 'til tomorrow evening.
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