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Now Open: Tretorn Turns Up in Soho

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Krieger, 6/24/08

Less than a week old, this is sporty Swedish brand Tretorn's Spring Street boutique. As you can see, the 1,300-square-foot shop is as clean and athletic as a stereotypical Swede: Floors are made of bamboo, and display boxes are strapped together with blue and yellow ratchet belts to create the look of the country's flag. The shoppable goods here include sneakers, wellies and flip flops for man, woman and child (priced from $35 up to $150), and racks of shorts, pants, graphic tees and lightweight jackets from Klader, their menswear line.

The truly outdoorsy can stop by to pick up bikes and kayak-like Caillou boats—both of which represent the "Tretorn lifestyle"—as well as a pair or two of canvas lace-ups. And for the fashion-minded, a new eyewear collection with Modo will debut within the next two weeks. For more on Tretorn Soho, click over to Thrillist or check out our storecasting post on the place.