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Above The Fray: La Perla's Lovely Lacefest

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Today was the first official day of the La Perla sample sale on Fifth Avenue, and as such, Racked was on the scene to check out the offerings. Though browsing was hampered slightly by over-eager and suspicious salespeople who felt the need to repeatedly swoop in to "help," the sale did offer up a bountiful array of ladies’ undies.

Shoppers are free to peruse table after table stacked with boxes of bras and panties. As advertised, most everything is 75% off. Bras ranged from $10-30, depending on the style; stockings, priced at $5, were the cheapest thing available (sleepwear seemed pricey in comparison at $40). The men’s selection is tiny—only covering one table in the front of the store. At $10 for underwear and shirts, the menswear will be gone fast if any dudes choose to venture in.

If you need new underpinnings, this is the sale to hit. The crowd was mercifully thin at noon, and given the number of boxes and tables cluttering the store, there will be plenty of sizes and styles for everyone for at least a few more days. Teaser alert: Upstairs, racks of Calvin Klein tops and jackets ($35-50) hang for next week’s sale.
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Noah Adler