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Tailor of Tailors Martin Greenfield Talks Suits

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If you have a spare eight or so minutes, you should take a look at this recently-shot video of legendary Bushwick-based tailor Martin Greenfield. A Holocaust survivor, Greenfield worked at a suit factory on Varet Street for more than 30 years, dressing celebs and politicians like Clinton and Bloomberg. (He started at GGG Clothiers as a "floor boy," and eventually bought the factory.) His made-to-measure suits are sold in Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers and Freemans Sporting Club. In the video, he talks about the difficulties of operating a business in Bushwick, especially during bleak economic times when people were breaking in and stealing the copper off of the wires; just how complicated suit-making really is; and his involvements with the community.
· Martin the Tailor [Vimeo]