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Above The Fray: Opening Ceremony Still Pricey

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South Soho boutique Opening Ceremony kicked off a big sale today; Racked stopped by a mere hour ago to find major discounts on just about everything in the store, including shoes. There was no sale signage or anything anywhere in the place, and you could feel a growing sense of urgency and giddiness as people realized that nearly every price tag came with two (two!) price slashes, but you also got the feeling that price wasn't necessarily an issue in there. (This is the sale for you if a $1350 Band of Outsiders jacket is cost-prohibitive, yet $945 is just about right.)

After price slashes, most of the dresses still hovered in the several hundred dollar range, the cheapest options being the silly-looking Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony frocks which were dropped from around $350 to the more palatable $188. Men seemed to fare a bit better, with some Patrik Ervell button-downs for $70 or so dollars off (now $168) and maybe the cheapest item in the place, Velour tees that went from $125 to $71. If you're looking for Kate Moss for Topshop, you won't be getting any steals here—everything on that rack remained full price, and was one of the only racks to escape the red pen in the whole place. And speaking of the red pen—at the time of this drop by the sale had been going on for only forty or so minutes, but nearly every sale item had had the price dropped twice already on the price tag. Psychological trickery? It sure made everything look like a better deal than perhaps it was...
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Opening Ceremony

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