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Now Open: Getting Ruffian at Earnest Sewn

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Following the longer runs of Moscot, Trovata and Repetto in the back room at MePa's Earnest Sewn is Ruffian, the duo known for their nouveau-Elizabethan ready to wear collections. As it closes up on June 9, you've only seven more days to enter into their world: an installation designed by Anne Koch to create the bedroom of a typical girl fresh from boarding school, bringing her newly learned vices back to the sweet pink environs of her former room. It's all very Gossip Girl, except that here all the clothing strewn about is a single label: the collaboration between Earnest Sewn and Ruffian.

Upon stepping into the bedroom/shop, there is a feeling of intrusion—as if you are a co-conspirator with this girl, only there to perhaps do a line with her or just do her. The clash of the innocence of the decor with the empty Corona bottles and metallic high heels probably makes you nervous. Step over to the white wicker changing screen to check out the $1250 denim crop jacket, and over to your right is the nightstand cluttered with cassette tapes and glossy fashion magazines. While retreating, take care not to grind the random Alpha-Bits in the carpeting because then the maid, while cleaning that mess, might bend down and discover the used condoms and vibrator hidden underneath the bed.

Make sure to snoop into her drawers; the graphic textbook pattern dresses from the Ruffian Fall/Winter '08 runway are here along with a TV playing a tape of the show. Returning back into the rustic Earnest Sewn is a relief; the Ruffian girl's bedroom is so real and the clothing so perfectly integrated into it that you wouldn't want her to catch you rifling through her things, now would you?
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