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Ikea Red Hook: You Came, Shopped...Now What?

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In the span of a few hours, Ikea Red Hook has gone from a complete media circus to just another Ikea store. The crowd barricades have been dismantled, the campers have dispersed, and (as far as we know) you can now just stroll right in. The store is a bit of a mob scene, but still completely shoppable. If you plan on braving the opening-day rush (or are in the midst of it right now), you might be wondering: How will I transport my Ikea purchases home? There are a few options.

The kindly neighborhood locals would prefer that you not clog up their streets with cars, but you can, of course, drive over there.

Option two is to take a bus (the B61 or the B77) from the subway to the store. The third transportation route available is the complimentary Ikea shuttle, which departs from the 4th Ave/9th St and Court St/Borough Hall subway stations every 15 minutes. Of course, all options pale in comparison to the Water Taxi service. Most of the yellow boats running back and forth from Pier 11 near the South Street Seaport to the Ikea landing seat about 149 passengers. They are indeed free, and will run every 40 minutes, seven days a week from 10am to 8:30pm. You may bring one Ikea blue bag worth of goods back with you on the ferry; you're restricted to a bag or two on the bus and shuttle.

For those who are purchasing an entire apartment's-worth of furniture, home delivery service is always a good choice. Depending upon how urgently you need that Billy bookcase, Ikea is offering regular ($79 in Brooklyn, $89 outside of Brooklyn), same-day and next-day delivery. Same and next-day will both run you at least $89 (for up to 15 boxes worth of product); each addition 15 boxes will cost an additional $25. It can get costly, yes, but the comfort you'll feel when settling into that new TIRUP chair will truly be priceless.
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