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Shoving Ikea Down Your Throat

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That Ikea is a crafty one! For at least all of last week, take out pies from Dumbo's Front Street Pizza have come packaged in an Ikea box, complete with side check-boxes like "malm bed frame" and "besta shelf unit" over the standards pepperoni and extra cheese. Why here? Well, because it's (just barely) Brooklyn and competitors West Elm and BoConcept are on the same block.
Ikea is betting that their message will stick with you even after trashing the leftovers. Their odiferous message:

Smell that? That's the sweet aroma of home delivery. Smells like convenience. Get a whiff. It's kind of like the feeling you'll get with home delivery from the new IKEA Brooklyn store. Just order your furniture when the store opens June 18, and it will arrive flat-packed and ready for assembly the very same day. Just like this box. Think of the possibilities. Think of the smells. You could get a dining table delivered and then get pizza delivered to eat on it. That's living.
This makes us uncomfortable. We don't like to talk about our feelings and we don't like getting surprise whiffs. Do not want.
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