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Ikea Camper's Diary: Danish Delivery

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Ikea, the retail chain that will certainly change the face of sleepy Red Hook, is opening in less than a day. As fans camp out underneath the store in wait, and locals worry for the future of their neighborhood, The Life Vicarious scribe Adam Robb, who's fifth in line, is blogging for Racked from the scene.

9:32am: Despite being awakened this morning by the perils of steelworking only just now did Ikea security invite campers to the indoor parking lot to purchase breakfast from a food truck with still no sign of the free coffee and Danish we had been promised as much as it has been delayed. And once again despite being only a few feet away from the line under the watchful eye of security, campers were admonished to not leave their positions for more than 10 minutes.

9:37am: Free danishes have arrived. And yet, they are out of reach. An employee guards breakfast feet away from campers who were told they can't touch it yet. The first one was just denied.

11:07am: Danishes have arrived and been consumed. Now new porta potties are being wheeled in. They taunt campers from afar.
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