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Green Depot Breaks Ground on Bowery

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Of all places, Manhattan's first Green Depot environmental living and building store will be opening on Bowery in November of this year. At 777 Bowery, in a spot formerly the Young Men's Institute, this will be the company's sixth location and its flagship, despite already having a home base across the river in Greenpoint.

Construction has just barely begun on the 3,000 square foot space, but when finished later this fall, the place is expected to receive LEED platinum or gold certification.

From the press release:

The showroom...will serve Manhattan's vast consumer population interested in green living and in easier access to green products and building materials, housewares and sustainable living concepts. The space...will include a resource and design center where Green Depot staff will work with customers to find green building materials that are cost-efficient and easily adaptable.
Well LES, at least now it'll be easier to stock up on eco-friendly caulk and pest control. Bring your Feed Bags!
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