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Ikea Red Hook: Meet Your Camper

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In an hour's time, the Ikea Red Hook camp out will begin. For two days, dedicated fans of the furniture chain will pitch tents under the Brooklyn store, waiting for their chance at a free EKTORP sofa or POÄNG chair and generally just raking in the Ikea fabulousness pre-opening.

Reporting from his yellow-and-blue tent on the scene for Racked will be The Life Vicarious blogger Adam Robb. He'll be detailing the highs—and the lows—of camp out life. Who flocks to these openings, and why do they come? Just how delicious are those Ikea cinnamon buns? What happens when campers stop being polite, and start getting real? All your questions will be answered, my friends. So slather on some sunscreen, bring your bug spray and inflate your air mattress: it's about to begin.
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