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Rock & Republic Got Themselves A Bike Gang

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Hey DKNY, this is how you compromise a large budget and stodgy marketers to promote bicycling. Spotted this weekend in Dumbo was the very shiny, very spandexed Rock & Republic Cycle Race Team. Of course they weren't there to do any actual cycling, as taking those racing bikes out on the cobblestones would be disastrous, but they utilized the stunning bridgescapes and industrial scenery for a group photoshoot. We did, however, notice some serious irony: the co-sponsor of the team is Cadillac, kitting them out with several SUVs, a massive tour bus, and support vehicles, therefore negating the whole environment-friendly aspect of cycling. There was also not a drop of denim anywhere, making it look more like something cooked up by an energy drink. Nonetheless, Obama was born to ride.
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