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Ikea Camper's Diary: Early-Morning Arrival

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Ikea, the retail chain that will certainly change the face of sleepy Red Hook, is opening in two day's time. As fans camp out underneath the store in wait, The Life Vicarious scribe Adam Robb, who's fifth in line, is blogging for Racked from the scene.

At the entrance to the store at 5am this morning

At 4:45am we arrived the fourth tandem team to arrive since midnight overpacked in that we brought anything more than a chair and cooler to the amusement of security and our chauffeur. The skeleton staff didn't expect anyone til tomorrow but were already on the phone with higher ups as if our arrival—as the first foreigners (read: white Manhattanites) on the scene—signified the onslaught sure to follow us. On a bench and under shelter things could be worse. But then it hasn't started hailing yet and unlike everyone else we're not parked across the street.
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