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Ikea Camper's Diary: Porta PottieGate Continued

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Ikea, the retail chain that will certainly change the face of sleepy Red Hook, is opening in two day's time. As fans camp out underneath the store in wait, The Life Vicarious scribe Adam Robb, who's fifth in line, is blogging for Racked from the scene.

As the day heats up, the situation at Ikea Red Hook's makeshift camping grounds seems to be going completely off the rails. Adam: All the yellow shirts [ed. note: Ikea staffers] have disappeared and media relations are ill equipped to deal with customer relations. Get the new campers some wristbands!

We're being told that all equipment has to be cleared offsite two hours before the opening on Wednesday. Madness! And the dodgy porta pottie situation at the makeshift Ikea Red Hook campgrounds is getting worse. One camper just exclaimed: "People in this line using the same bathroom need to keep clean! I ain't using no dirty ass bathroom." But just as things are getting dark, the easel arrives. Alas, it's from Office Depot, not Ikea.
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