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Ikea Camper's Diary: End-of-the-Day Malaise

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Ikea, the retail chain that will certainly change the face of sleepy Red Hook, is opening in two day's time. As fans camp out underneath the store in wait, The Life Vicarious scribe Adam Robb, who's fifth in line, is blogging for Racked from the scene.

As of now, seven couches remain to be claimed. The line monitor is grossly delinquent in his only job of handing out wristbands. The fourth person in line refuses to be photographed. And so it goes. Media relations personnel are now heading out to motels; the yellow shirts [ed. note: Ikea staffers] are going home, to return at 6am in the morning. Crucial note about the freebies: Ikea will offer gratis shipping on the couches, but not on the POÄNG chairs.
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