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Above The Fray: Rogan Rocks in Tribeca

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If last week's overstuffed DVF sale put you off purchasing, this week's Rogan markdownfest in Tribeca will make you want to jump right back on that horse. A Racked operative stopped by the sale an hour ago - this is his report:

As of 1pm this afternoon, there was still a decent selection of menswear to be found at the Rogan sale, and a good portion of it would suit the more petite among the gentlemen shoppers (s and m in jackets and shirts, 30-33 waist in denim and shorts). Discounts were generous—jackets sliced to $80, pants and denim to $40. There were slim pickings in the men’s shorts selection, however—but at $40 apiece it’s impossible to turn down if they do have your size.
If you’re a fan of white printed t-shirts and henleys ($20-25), you don’t need to rush over to Rogan right away, as they have plenty of boxes lined up. They also have a number of “limited edition t-shirts,” which are colored T’s with, frankly, the better Rogan prints for $30. Overall the sale was not crowded, though on my way out some people were trickling in. There is plenty of freedom to move around and no one will mind if you drop trou to try on a thing or two.
Noah Adler
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