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Above The Fray: Tibi Torments in Midtown

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A few tales of rage, frustration and torment have trickled out from the Tibi sample sale taking place through tomorrow evening on West 37th Street. From the mouths of commenters:

1) Anon commenter: "Why are there always two people at every sample sale that must hog the mirror? Two chicks in front of the mirror chatting away to their friends in china I think I heard one say - with no respect for the huge pile of discarded clothes at their feet [and] no thought of putting them back on hangers or letting the horde of naked women a chance to actually look at their mirror. The best part: each of them bought only one item. Of course when anybody moved away from their clothes these two girls were in everybody else's items pretending they didn't know. What is with the Tibi girls who allowed this?"

2) Suhxie: Pretty good sale. Lots of separates for $40-$70, but I'm not a fan of most of the styles--lots of really balloon-y tops and super short shorts. Otherwise, lots of coats and dresses available for maybe $100ish and up? When I was there, someone brought their maybe 4-year old DAUGHTER, who was going around the dressing room area complaining about how she was hungry. She actually tugged on my skirt thinking I was her mom."

Keep them coming, people. Keep them coming.
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