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RackedWire: Ikea Ad-sanity Continues, Nusraty Not Going Anywhere

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Let's end the day with a bit of Rackedwire, our roundup of gossip, rumor, happenstance and other random pieces of ephemera. If you've got some 'Wire to share, please do so.

NEW YORK CITY—As the Ikea ad campaign rolls on, signs for the furniture store have started appearing all over the place. Lost City noticed a few particularly obnoxious bus shelter ads in Red Hook: "One ad on Columbia Street invites us to be awe-struck by the 'corrugated awesomeness' of the box. It actually begins with exclamation 'Yo! Check this out.' And it ends with "Boxes rule!' Another ad, down by Fairway, wonders if the box on display was acquired by 'one of those Mole People who live in the subway.'" [Lost City]

WEST VILLAGE—According to a commenter who says he's the son of the owner, our musings about Bleecker Street mainstay Nusraty Afghan Imports being replaced by a Black Fleece store are dead wrong. "I'm the owner's son (Nusraty Afghan Imports, Inc.) and in fact this is a RUMOR! My father has been at this location for over 29 years!!! Though he has had many interested bidders (ex: MAC, Joe's Jeans, Marc Jacobs...etc.), my father has every intention to stay open for the duration of his lease. I'm assuming that RKF has had many inquiries for this location as well. Only time will tell.....but for now, Nusraty Afghan Imports, Inc. is open for business (7 days a week/ 12pm - 9pm)." [Racked Comments]