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In the Window: The Devil Wears Harry Winston

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The timing couldn't be more perfect: New York is awash with Sex and the City tourists and bookstores are hyping the beach reads. Enter author Lauren Weisberger, of The Devil Wears Prada fame, whose newest contribution to chic lit is getting some heavy promotion through July from Fifth Avenue's tony jeweler Harry Winston. Appropriately named Chasing Harry Winston, the book follows a trio of 30-somethings on the prowl for a diamond-sealed perfect love life. Now Weisberger is no Plum Sykes, but this may be the fluffiest read of the season, only worthy of a few skinny latte stains. If only the window had done it right: the cover clearly depicts a Louboutin skewering the rings, but Harry Winston instead substituted a few heels of their own.

Christian Louboutin

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