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Ikea Red Hook: The Quiet Before the Store

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Birds chirped, the sun shone and a light breeze ruffled the leaves of the trees outside of the Ikea store in Red Hook, which today hosted an official, big-deal, it's-really-happening press preview. In a few day's time, the neighborhood will be transformed from a quiet enclave into a yawning pit of consumerism, car exhaust and modern furniture. Kidding! Well, maybe. No one really knows what to expect of this opening—but store execs seem pretty prepared. They've secured a space next to their parking lot for overflow come the 18th, and are drilled in the rules of the much-buzzed-about camp out that will commence Monday, June 16th.

We've already been informed that fans can begin lining up at 9am on the 16th, but the details concerning the camp out were vague—until now. If you're planning on taking a few days off of work in the hopes of securing a free sofa or chair, be prepared to bring a pup tent. No one will be allowed to camp in their car. There will be port-o-potties on the premises (campers will be sequestered in the parking lot under the store for shelter), but no showers. And absolutely no grilling or boozing will be allowed. Ikea staffers will be handing out coffee and cinnamon buns to campers in the morning, and will pass around fro yo during the day, but other than that, you're on your own for food and water. PREPARE YOURSELVES!
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