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Rogan for Target Insanity at Barneys Press Preview

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Last night, at 6pm, Barneys welcomed members of the press to their Madison Avenue store for a preview of the Rogan for Target collection. It was not a refined affair. In fact, the whole thing resembled a sample sale: it was hot and sweaty, women were stripping down to their undies (At Barneys! On Madison Avenue!) and everyone was grabbing frantically at the clothes.

The entire Barneys crew was there—we spotted Simon Doonan chatting with designer Rogan Gregory and fashion director Julie Gilhart flitting about, looking fabulous in a Rogan for Target frock. Also spotted was Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), browsing the racks. Champagne was flowing and hors d'oeuvres were being passed, but most people seemed concerned with shopping, for good reason—this is the best Go International collection we've seen yet. The animal-print dresses, heather-gray tanks, lightweight sweaters and plaid linen tops were just flying off the racks. The public gets their first go at the line today beginning at 10am; the clothes will be at Barneys until Sunday, May 11th. Then, Rogan for Target is then slated to launch at Target stores nationwide on May 18th.
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