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Live Early Report: Rogan for Target at Barneys Debuts

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9:48 AM

Despite the insanity less than 24 hours ago, all is very quiet at Barneys this morning, where in a few short minutes the Rogan for Target Go International collection debuts. Maybe it's the weather or the fact that things happen more slowly above 57th street—or perhaps it's that the people just don't understand how good this junk is. Whatever the case, we'll know more when the doors open. You know the routine: Developing.

9:58 AM

Update, 9:58 AM: There is now a small crowd at the main entrance (above). Our field team has the make-up of said group as 'six people waiting for Rogan, four European tourists, and one fashion blogger (in bright blue) snapping photos as fast as her little fingers can.'

10:00 AM

10:03 AM

Update 10:03 AM: Doors open, and another 10 people have arrived. Definitely a good size group up on the 7th floor now. Good news: Shelves and racks have been replenished after last night's press feeding. Bad news: There seems to be a shortage of smaller sizes. And they're going quick.

10:05 AM

Update 10:05 AM: All of the merchandise in now on the shelves. There is nothing left in the back. The smalls are going very quick.

10:09 AM

Update 10:09 AM: And...we're off the rails. It's all going to be gone in a matter of hours, at best. Almost no smalls left anywhere. Size 13 is the smallest left in the dresses; tops, large. People are flocking, swarming. The beginners in the crowd are completely shell shocked. Get react from the crowd: "There appears to be a high school field trip here."

Update 10:35 AM: The stuff is going, going...But there are rumors that some reserve stock may in fact still be in the back. Biggest early sellers: the stripe-y tank, the silk dresses and the swimsuits.

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