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Red Hook Ikea Progress Report: Finally Furnished!

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Earlier, we gave you a glimpse of New York City's first Ikea as it looks a little over a month from opening day. Now, let's dive right into the meat and potatoes. When we visited the store back in March, it was still a construction zone inside. Today, much of the furniture has arrived and been unloaded. On the second floor of the store (the showroom level), Ikea decorators are deciding how to arrange furniture and accessorize each of the model rooms that customers walk through on their shopping trips.

These vignettes aren't cookie-cutter, meaning the Brooklyn store will look much different inside than Paramus or Elizabethtown. Each room has a binder filled with information—what type of people the decorators envision living there, what their other rooms would look like, what the area would be used for—that help define the appearance of the space. There are 50 of these room settings at Ikea Red Hook, and three different model home interiors.
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