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'Summer' Opening Date for TJ's Brooklyn?

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Today, the Observer's got a little sit down with Jed Walentas of Two Trees Management, the company shepherding the Trader Joe's store slated for Court Street and Atlantic Avenue. Walentes answers a lot of queries about his role in the family business, and his current projects. Thankfully, he also touches upon the progress of the supermarket. In response to a reporter's question about his father's dislike of chain stores: "He felt it was really important in Dumbo [contextually] to have a unique blend of entrepreneurial operators. ? But, if you look at our project on Court Street, we’re going to have a LensCrafters and Sovereign Bank. We’re putting Trader Joe’s across the street." As to when the TJ's will open, he replies: "I don’t know. Probably in the summer. They’re very slow." Goodness knows, it's about time.
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