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Above The Fray: Misbehavior at Staff International

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Drama! New York Post fashion blogger Danica Lo just put up an account of her experience at the Staff International sample sale press preview this morning (it's at 495 Broadway between Spring and Broome, 8th floor). While waiting for her turn to pay for her bargain-priced Martin Margiela, Sophia Kokosalaki and DSquared items, a rowdy gang of Y-3 employees with no regard for sample sale etiquette cut ahead of the Haute List writer. The report:

When Maxine and I got on line to pay there were about 15 people ahead of us. Then five people from the staff of Y-3/Adidas cut the line, right in front of me. What would Yohji Yamamoto do? Is this what Adidas teaches its staff to do during industry events? For the record, when they crowded into the line in front of me, I asked them politely whether they were planning on paying all together as one sale, and the girl with the wavy hair lied and said yes. I know it's bitchy to post this on my blog, but I don't care. We all work in the same industry—don't expect to behave like jerks and not be recognized.
Beware the wrath of a blogger wronged! Danica's phone snaps of the offenders are above.
· Five people from Y-3/Adidas cut me in line at a sample sale today [Haute List]