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Now Open: Lollipops and Lycra at Kira Plastinina

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This was opening weekend for the Kira Plastinina store at 594 Broadway in Soho, the first of three NY stores from the teen fashion designer and daughter of Russian mogul Sergei Plastinin. First impressions of the space scream Barbie's dreamhouse, but upon closer inspection of the clothes and vibe, the place seems better used as Lolita's boudoir (on her website, there's even a look named the "Lolita" complete with the red heart-shaped sunglasses). Downstairs you'll find the Dylan's Candy Bar Corner, fitting rooms reminiscent of Victoria's Secret, and eager sales associates chomping at the bit to help you put together an outfit that would make even Richie Rich blush. Upstairs there's a huge, inviting bed. Prices are low, as we didn't find much over $60 and nothing requiring a full Benjamin. All in all, this place is about having fun, what with the free photo booth and complimentary lollipop (Lolita again). Word is that the Stamford, CT store opens May 7th with Beverly Hills and Robertson Blvd doubling up on May 16, and online shopping is coming March 13.