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No Banks the New Mo' Banks?

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The estimable Faith Hope Consuelo, commercial real estate heavy, penned an essay for the Times this past weekend, in which she opines on myriad topics, including The Banks: "As for banks, I'm not going to say it's over, but it’s at a hush. In the last five years, you had all these new banks like Commerce and Washington Mutual, and each had to be bigger than the other. First it was 2,000 square feet, then it was 3, then it was 5. Last year I was doing 10,000- and 15,000-foot banks for Chase...But I feel it’s like another trend, and we drive with the trend. You have to remember, this is New York. The landlords pay us, so we let them make the decision...You’re going to see that drugstores are the new banks." [NYT]