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Great Moments in Ikea: The 30 Rock Name Drop

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30 Rock

This one's a few days old, but with its genius intact. Conscientious viewers of NBC's spectacular late night spoof 30-Rock noted an Ikea name-drop in last Thursday's episode of the show, on which the A-story line had Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon, trying to rekindle a relationship with former flame, Floyd, played by Jason Sudeikis. Long story short: Floyd moved to Cleveland, a city sans Ikea, invited Liz to join, but she didn't's Cleveland. Floyd comes to NY and the bastard, lies to her, leaving Liz no choice but to invoke the name of Ikea in trying to burn him back. We've cued the clip, for your viewing convenience. Bonus Reminder: Ikea Red Hook Opens June 18th.
· 30 Rock: 'You Lied to Me' [NBC]