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Bad Ideas: Earnest Sewn Locks Up Early

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Last evening, we dashed over to Earnest Sewn in the MePa for a bit of reconnaissance on their newly-debuted Ruffian Shop-In-A-Shop. After deftly navigating through the hoards of moneyed Europeans strolling on Washington Street, who wander about as if they've never seen a decrepit shopping quarter, we found Earnest Sewn closed 40 minutes too early. At 6:20pm not only was the door bolted, but the sales associates and straggling shoppers inside mechanically ignored our gestures of "what gives?" Disappointment set in for the four Italian men also attempting access, who wanted desperately to be outfitted like "poor American underground workers." Further up the street, Scoop was still doing business despite some kind of wine-fueled wardrobe seminar taking place, and Dernier Cri had its doors wipe open. We'll be back, Earnest Sewn, and we want to see what you've got hiding underneath your bed.
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