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Above The Fray: Live at Wang and Dager for Uniqlo!

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This isn't your average Friday, folks. We've got Alexander Wang and Loden Dager's sweet sweet goodness going on sale at Uniqlo in Soho at 10am. Then the new Muji store in midtown swings open its doors midday. If we've said it once, we'll say it again: brace.

9:09am: Wangtime! Our Racked operative on the seen outside Uniqlo reports from the growing line: "There's about 15 of us in line—all women. Well, one guy. Everyone's pumped for affordable Alexander Wang—this collection is only coming out once, and you can't buy it online." Translation: get thee to Broadway, friends.

9:15am: More from the pre-party: "Shit, there are PR girls at the door with clipboards letting press in early. I'm really worried because i wonder if they'll sell out of all the small [dress] sizes to press before I get in. Doors at 10."

9:21am: "Two of girls on line are wearing Rogan for Target. They must go to all of these things."

9:35am: "There's about five more girls here. Everyone's waiting patiently—but press keep coming out of the store with huge bags of clothes. It's pretty depressing. Two girls came out with huge bags, and a photographer snapped their photos. Then another woman came out with a huge bag, wearing a designer outfit. Come on, lady."

9:37am: "Ooh, all anger dissipates: Wang is on the scene!"

9:50am: "Ten minutes to go. We've been joined in line by another ten people. The people at the front have it worst: they can see the early arrivals inside picking up the best stuff."

9:57am: "Ugh, they're only letting people in 10 at a time—and there's another 25 people that just showed up. This means you've got less chance of getting a small size. Which—ooooh wait, they're letting my group in!"

10:01am: "Check that—still outside. The line is now officially huge. And inside, it appears that waiters are passing out mimosas. But everyone's ignoring them, because it looks like there's only three racks of dresses, and everyone inside is grabbing handfuls—arrrgh, and we're still outside."

10:15am: "Inside at last, and there's a full selection of sizes. And rumor is they'll be getting a full shipment on Monday. The sad thing? There are no guys here for the men's collection, and Dager's standing there with his friends, lonely.

10:25am: We're out. Full photogallery here.

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