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Discontinued: Crunch Closing on Broadway

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Noho: If the rumors we're hearing are true, the city will soon be down one Crunch location. The news, hot off the elliptical: "My sister goes to Crunch and last night as she was leaving a class, the instructor was making an announcement that the Noho/Soho (location on Broadway and Houston) will be closed by the end of June to make way for either a NYU dorm or condos. It seems like Crunch had no idea what they were going to do for it’s members that have a membership lasting beyond the end of June." To the place's credit, it is much less Crunch-like than other Crunches, particularly the garish scene on Lafayette nearby, so we're sure a lot of members are going to be put out by the shuttering. And seriously, it's almost beach season. How cruel can you be?
· Crunch Soho [Official Site]