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Say It Ain't So: Shop Departing Stanton?

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This should hit ladies who appreciate the perfect Charlotte Ronson mini or skinny pair of Siwy jeans hard: excellent, adorable LES boutique Shop—they of the amazing denim wall and the racks and racks of perfect (and pricey) pieces—might be forced to pack up and leave their storefront at 105 Stanton Street. A trusted Racked informant writes:

So, I used to work at shop. I know in the next couple of weeks a decision will be made regarding whether or not to move the store down to Broome, across (?-not sure the exact space) from Earnest Sewn. Basically the owner had something like a ten year lease which runs out this month. She was obviously paying what you could pay back when there was only Maxfish and whatnot. I don't know the amounts involved. I also remember some people who represented Marc Jacobs in some capacity coming in to scope out some potential locations.
Well, it's not disastrous news, but sad nonetheless. We called the store for confirmation, and a sales associate could neither confirm nor deny the tip. Anyone with more information is encouraged to come forward and spill.
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