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Storecasting: Soho Says Pardon My French

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[Photo via Flickr/controgirlcrew]

Just as you begin to think Soho is turning Japanese, the French decide to step in and have their way with retail real estate. Nipping at the heels of Eryne brinié, the "French Urban Chic Boutique" due to Broadway and Spring in August, is another Gallic import: Comptoir des Cotonniers, which roughly translates to something like "overpriced cotton basics." But oops - our bad! It's actually another Japanese store, which together with Uniqlo forms the Fast Retailing leviathan, whose "aim is to create a dynasty to rival H&M." Despite Comptoir's already heavy presence in Europe and Asia (over 333 total locations), the Soho shop will be the chain's first US store, opening in September at 155 Spring Street next to Theory and around the corner from Eryn. Staying true to trend, Soho will only be the beginning for Comptoir, as they plan for at least two more New York locations where customers need only pronounce the name correctly to feel all Euro-chic.
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