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Crowds, Celebs, Anger at Sex and the City Premier

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Last night, one of the most important films of our time, the Sex and the City movie, premiered at Rock Center. (Don't pretend you don't care.) Yes, the phenomenon that made it okay for girls to profess their love of Magnolia cupcakes and Manolo Blahnik stilettos is back in the city it helped to commercialize. And while celebs and the stars of the film walked the pink carpet, hundreds of high-heel wearing Carrie wanna-bes lined up along 50th Street to try to catch a glimpse of the celebs while waiting to enter the theater.

Then, catastrophe struck: According to the Daily News, "organizers of the celebrity-studded event overbooked the 6,000-seat 6th Ave. music hall, leaving bounced fans fuming" causing "the mostly female crowd" to "surge against police barricades." Yikes. Reports Racked photo dude Will Femia, who captured the frenzy, "SJP did stop to wave at the rabble, which was more than others did. I saw Broderick, he went in on the non pink carpet side so he was just walking down the sidewalk totally unnoticed." Aw, it's just like that episode where Carrie takes Berger to that play premier, and he feels uncomfortable, and...ahem, anyway, gallery above.
· 'Sex in the City' premiere turns ugly [NY Daily News]

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