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This morning, each and every member of The View's studio audience received a $200 gift card to Ikea, in honor of the opening of their new box in Red Hook. Acknowledging that $200 at Ikea is more a responsibility than a gift, Whoopi warned, "don't forget, you'll be putting it together too." BONUS: Officials confirmed today that the 6.5-acre waterfront park that's been built alongside Ikea will open simultanously with the store. The park includes: 1 mile of waterfrontage, 9,000 plants, 558 trees, 5,000 flowering giant allium bulbs, 50,000 cobblestones (‘Belgian blocks,’ rescued from torn-up roadways), an 18-foot constructed compass, 12 yellow bollards, 250 benches and chairs, 115 light poles and more. [RackedWire]