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Macy's and Apple Team Up for Instant Gratification

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Midtown is about to get a little bit more Japanese, and no we're not talking about MUJI. Macy's stores will be getting their very own Apple vending machines to speedily distribute everything from the iPod Touch to Canon Digital Cameras to tourists who maybe were too busy taking pictures at the Apple Fifth Ave store to remember to purchase anything. Long popular in Japan, using a vending machine for things other than snacks is not new for Apple. Despite Macy's claim on their website that the Apple e-spot is "only at Macy's," we definitely tried the thing out months ago at Terminal 7 at JFK and found it mainly sold out save for accessories. We're banking that the Macy's machines will meet the same fate of eternal emptiness, given the novelty of the process and the fact that it makes an awesome photo op.
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