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Publicity Stunts: Juicy's Bleecker Street Parade

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Those who stayed in town for the holiday weekend, and perchance found themselves on Bleecker Street amongst the tourist hordes were witness to a strange event on Saturday afternoon courtesy of luxury leisurewear brand Juicy Couture. A tipster: "Juicy Couture pulled an 'interesting' stunt down Bleeker in the West Village this afternoon. Five women and one man paraded up and down Bleeker, in pink dresses, singing 'God Bless West Village' (to the tune of 'God Bless America,' naturally). Oh and did I mention that they stopped to do a little dance routine with cupcakes? ...Because they did. I'm surprised they had the balls/Thatchers to march into Marc Jacobs Land like that. I'm sure tens of people decided at that moment that they needed some classy velour tracksuits."

UPDATE: Looks like it was actually some strange theater performance.

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