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The Blogosphere: Whole Foods CEO Aplogizes For Online Actions...Online

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Around this time last year, it came to light that the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, was posting "rants" under a screenname on a Yahoo! discussion board about then-Whole Foods competitor Wild Oats. Of course, criticism and an investigation into his online actions ensued. Fast forward to today: Wild Oats has been bought out by Whole Foods, and that investigation's been concluded. That means that Macky's bloggin' again! The first line of his "I'm back" post reads: "I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to write in my blog again." We hear ya. Following is a bulleted list explaining his side of things—why he posted online, why he concocted an anonymous screenname to write under (the maleficent-sounding Rahodeb), and how he wasn't trying to manipulate Wild Oats’ stock price downward so Whole Foods could acquire it more cheaply. While the whole thing reads a bit dumbed-down, we give him credit for taking some responsibility for his mistakes. Watching a CEO apologize via blog is pretty surreal.
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