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Now Open: Made in HK Pops Up in Chinatown

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For the next 29 days, the pop-up shop Made in HK will sit on the cusp of Chinatown with a mission to promote the Hong Kong indie design scene. Stopping in last night to see the concept in action, we found only an unimpressive selection of bland bags, jewelry, and paper goods of unobvious origin. Despite the store's aim to highlight indie designers, there was an abundance of items from the chain Goods of Desire, Hong Kong's answer to Muji. The price range was equally disappointing, with offerings like metallic leather bags and mildy avant-garde clothing priced up around $150 or journals and aprons down at $25. Save yourself from buying a few of the higher-priced items here and you've got enough for a direct flight to Hong Kong, where there will undeniably be a better selection.

MUJI - Soho

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