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Above the Fray: Uniqlo Nails It, Rolls Sale for the Ages

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In a move that can only be attributed to the brand wanting to make up for previous epic transgressions, Uniqlo's sale event, today through the 11th, is a wonderland of discounted merchandise. Denim, cashmere, cotton, twill, lycra (gotta be twill and lycra there somewhere, non?) and the rest are all marked down big time, and there are racks of the stuff as far as the eye can see (above, scan for yourself). So sayeth our correspondent, who was kind enough to take a break from sweater hoarding to file this report:

The Uniqlo sale is not just a few scraggly racks relegated to the basement, it's a fullblown store-wide "Golden Week" promotion. The really cheap stuff is in the basement, where you've got your blanket markdowns of generally 50% off or so on racks of polos, t-shirts, jeans, and chinos, but that's not even the half of it: throughout the store there are little "special promotion" placards on the rest of the merchandise, which generally run about 10 dollars off the regular price.

The wacky cartoon t-shirt mezzanine wasn't on sale, nor were design collections by Juliana Jabour or, it seemed, any men's blazers, but beyond that there are markdowns all over the place. At 10:15 when I left, I think there were more employees than shoppers, and those that were there were methodically snapping up all the cropped jackets, seven-dollar t's and high-waisted slim cut colored jeans that their little arms could hold.

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