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RackedWire: Agent Provocateur's Kate Moss Ads Debut, Verve Staying Put

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FRENCHVILLE—The first of Agent Provocateur's new stylishly porn-y video ads featuring Kate Moss debuted today. The set of six ads, collectively titled 'White Wedding' will premiere online over the next six days. Hiding behind the guise of their French name, somehow AP can say this with a straight face: "White Wedding' is a groundbreaking exploration in extending a narrative advertising campaign to also create an experimental film series. Responding to a six-part script treatment written by Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corré, Nick Knight and a stellar cast including Kate Moss and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have created six striking campaign stills that storyboard "the demise of a bride's 'big day' and serialise the unravelling of the religious organisation behind it...The result is an intriguing set of stylish shorts depicting Kate Moss running the gamut from demure virgin bride to dangerous, Lynchian siren that suggests new applications and creative potential for fashion film in advertising." Uh huh. Shorter story: Kate Moss is in her undies. [RackedWire]

WEST VILLAGE—There wasn't a whole lot of talk to the contrary, but Bleecker Street shop Verve wants to be clear that they will not be making way for the new Alexis Bittar shop: "Hello...please know that Alexis Bittar IS going into 353 Bleecker Street, BUT Verve is not leaving. There are 5 stores in the block with the same address all belonging to the same building. Charley and Kelly is the space being taken over by Alexis Bittar. Verve (which is an accessory store, not clothing, and has been in the same location for 12 years) is alive and WELL!!" [RackedWire]