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RackedWire: Varvatos on Sale Again, Euros Taken in the Hamptons

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MIDTOWN WEST—Just weeks after a blowout John Varvatos sample sale, another is taking place. According to The Shophound, both have been worthy. "This time around, however, the sale is held in a somewhat less luxurious retail space in the garment district, and from what we can gather, the leftovers from the first sale have been taken over by an outfit called Underground NYC, who is now running its own sale. Typically, this would result in a dreary array of picked over, shopworn, out of season goods...The good news is: This isn't like that at all, at least not yet." [The Shophound]

THE HAMPTONS—Taking after some downtown Manhattan shops, a few retailers in the Hamptons have begun accepting euros. "A sign in the window of Loaves & Fishes cook shop in Bridgehampton, as first reported by Plum Hamptons TV, shows how far the mighty dollar has declined. It reads, 'We now accept euros. Bills only. Change given in U.S. dollars.'" [TRD]