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Sunday Special: Shopping Rogan at Target!

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Witnessing the grab-fest that was the Barney's debut of Rogan for Target in NY and LA, we really did not know what to expect for the actual release at Target stores. Venturing out this morning to our naughty little secret, the Target Greatland in Jersey City, we found the best of the Go International collections out in abundance with plenty sizes and variety - take that frenetic Barney's shoppers of last week!

Although purchases at Target don't include that nifty Rogan tote, you will find all the items from the preview shots and more (at least for now). We frolicked among the racks for a good long time before only one other determined shopper showed up, and thus we had the time to leisurely peruse each piece. As much selection as there is today, this is not Patrick Robinson; it will sell out and possibly only reach the clearance racks of the midwest

Much has been said about the excellent quality of the collection, and we can only add that the jersey stripe down the back of shirts and the topographic look of the animal prints is striking, but this is a collection to physically try on. Fits range from nipped and tailored to maternity-ish, especially with chancy pieces like the fluorescent tanks, belted dresses and smocks. If ordering online, we highly recommend covering your bases with several sizes. Now the wait begins for Target's upcoming collaborations with Botkier and Richard Chai!
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