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RackedWire: Pet Store Dragging Its Heels in EVill, Dahl at Alter, New Duds from Pegleg

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EAST VILLAGE—According to a few of the commenters on this super-crazy Curbed thread, a new pet store (called Furry Pets? it's unclear) is opening on 12th Street and Avenue A. Apparently, they've been taking their sweet time: "The furry pet shop is annoying because it's taking them FOREVAH to open. Trying to be neighborly, I stopped by last week to buy some kitten chow and even though the shelves are stocked and the door's wide open the owner dood said to me "next week." WTH, I'm cute and nice and I pay cash, just sell me a damn bag of Nutro. And it still ain't open!" [Curbed Comments]

GREENPOINT—For the reality show fanatics out there: Hip boutique Alter is now carrying former Project Runway contestant Alison Kelly's Dahl collection. They've also begun stocking the her collaboration with Dane Risch of Salt & Samovar, called Dahl & Dane. Pictured at right is one of their skeleton key keychains ($28). [Alter]

NEW YORK CITY—TONY reports that up-and-coming streetwear brand Pegleg will be coming out with a women's line this fall. The collection will be 'small and concise, composed predominantly of leggings, denim and oversize tops.'” [TONY]