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Above The Fray: Steven Alan Opens Early

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Though it opened at 4pm today ostensibly for "press," the Steven Alan sale at 87 Franklin Street was packed with plenty of regular old shoppers this afternoon rifling through the long racks of SA-brand button-downs and tunic dresses. The usual sample sale antics were in effect: women were stripping down to their underwear next to the merchandise, and teams of employees were manning the door, checking all bags, and patrolling the aisles. There didn't appear to be any huge steals yet—most items were marked down about a hundred dollars from their original price, so don't expect to run out of there with armfuls of $30 jeans and shirts.

Pricing details: There were some coats were marked down a little over a hundred dollars from $495 and some trousers marked down from around $295. Short-sleeve Steven Alan button downs for women were $48, men's short-sleeve button downs and women's long-sleeve were $58, and men's long-sleeve were $68. There were some shoes, but not a huge selection, and two cardboard boxes with some flimsy strips of thin madras that SA is tricking people into thinking are bras for $29, along with another box of equally ridiculous ruffled panties. Hopefully, they'll drop the prices as the sale goes on.
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