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Perez Hilton: Queen of All Fashion?

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[Image via WENN]

In the world of capsule collections, designers tend to fare better than celebrities, but all bets are off for Perez Hilton's Hot Topic collection, due out June 6 nationwide. Manhattan is safe for now, as the nearest Hot Topics are out on Staten Island or in the Queens Centre Mall, but the collection will be online. The goods on offer are predictably girly, and "range in price from $1.75 to $46, and will include products like Gossip Gangster Flip Flops, Perezcious Pink and Purple Lip Gloss and P-Nasty Shades–just to name a few." Too bad Perez didn't approach Kira Plastinina; he could have moved right in next to Dylan's Candy Bar. We say if the world can survive the onslaught of Crocs High Heels, then we're sure New York (at least) can survive this.
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